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Your Belfast is still here

Feb 5, 2021

Your Belfast is still here

It is safe to say that the past year has been one of ups and downs; a year filled with struggles alongside wonderful memories made at home. However, the reawakening of cities, restaurants and the tourism industry as a whole is on the horizon and will soon be embraced once more by everyone across the nation.

With the vaccine rolling out across the UK and Northern Ireland, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible and finally within reach. If you’re wondering what staying in Belfast is going to be like Post Covid, it’s going to be amazing! We cannot wait to make memories happen for you again. Our serviced apartments in Belfast are still the ideal base to make the most of your time in our great city.

Our serviced apartments in Belfast are still the perfect way to make the most of your time in our great city.

Belfast is a cultural wonderland full of magic, food and fun; the perfect place to make memories. We at Central Belfast Apartments are here to welcome you to your home from home with comfy beds, high speed Wi-Fi and Netflix; the perfect place to get cozy with a takeaway after a day of exploring all Belfast has to offer.

St George’s Market, Belfast

Dating back to 1604, the vibrant St.Georges Market is home to a wealth of Belfast’s rich history.

Regarded as somewhat of a magnet in the local foodie scene, the market is home to some of the finest and freshest produce, drawing in customers from far and wide.

What to do in the city centre

By the time we are out of the grip of Covid, one thing we can be thankful for is that Spring will be under way and the dark days will be lifting, sun splitting the trees (hopefully), with an abundance of bars and restaurants to visit along the way.

Dandering down Ann Street, you will see the wonderful leaning Albert Clock at the end of the street. As you make your way back towards the city centre, you’ll pass many of our famous bars and restaurants along the way. From a 24 inch pizza at Little Wing to cocktails at Love and Death Inc, a burger at Bootleggers or a traditional Fish Supper from Fish City, there’s something for everyone! 

Belfast’s music scene is bouncing and your walk around the city will usually be accompanied by an old groove, new energy beat brought to you by a much loved and staple Belfast band called Anna’s number, formed by a talented group of local young lads.

Be sure to stop in and visit Born & Bred, a local company that showcases Belfast’s local artists and craftspeople. If you’re visiting Belfast, this is the place to pick up a gift or souvenir.

Sawers Belfast

If you’re feeling peckish on your journey through town, Sawyers, Belfast’s oldest and beloved Deli is the place to visit. A multi-award winning artisan food supplier, it has been a Belfast favourite for tourists and locals alike since 1897.

It is safe to say they have got you covered, culinarily speaking: cheese; olives; charcuterie; Italian pastries… They are all DELI-ghtful!

Tribal Burger

As we said before, the city is a foodie heaven with amazing bars and restaurants lining the streets. However, if you are tired after a long day of exploring, then a takeaway in front of the latest Netflix blockbuster has never been a better option. Thanks to Covid and lockdown, there are now a wealth of top restaurants waiting to deliver their delights to your doorstep! A huge favourite in Belfast is Tribal Burger, dubbed ‘The best burger in Belfast’, it is sure to satisfy.

(Y)our Belfast

Our Belfast has taken a huge hit throughout the pandemic, but one thing that has remained the same is the spirit of our city. Culture, food, art, history, atmosphere, shopping… whatever you could want, we have it and so much more! Come and visit: relax and enjoy all that Belfast has to offer and do it in style with Central Belfast Apartments!



If you happen to forget a gift or souvenir while you are visiting, be sure to visit Cowfield Design’s website. They make fantastic products that will remind you of all of your adventures in Northern Ireland. Who would resist one of their iconic mini Harland and Wolf cranes?!

We cannot wait to make memories happen again for you in the one and only Belfast!