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How Would You Describe Your Best Day In Belfast?

If you are in Belfast for a short period of time then, I most certainly wouldn’t recommend a sleep in. Instead, get up bright and early and head to the Ormeau or Lisburn Road, they are the culinary hubs outside of the city centre and the range on offer is spectacular. Conchur from document Belfast speaks to Dave Cordner about the perfect day in Belfast City. If you are coming to the city, you can check out our serviced apartments in Belfast for your perfect home away from home.

Brew and Bake – Lisburn Road

The pancakes and bacon are to die for, filing and delicious. They are also the inventor’s of the ‘Cruffin’, part muffin , part croissant. The team at Brew and Bake are crafty, very innovative bakers and you will not be disappointed when you head in here, be it for breakfast or passing coffee and treat.

General Merchants –  Ormeau Road

Across the other side of town you have General Merchants, you can get a click and collect order here or order and sit in in their rustic and welcoming setting. If you are looking for affordable gourmet then you are in good hands here, with the incredibly talented chefs, the outstandingly lovely staff and the hustle bustle of the local favourite Ormeau Road spot.  After that I would head into town to walk about Titanic Quarter, see where the iconic ship was built, or roam the cobbled street of the Cathedral Quarter and head to either Bunsen  Burger, Toast Office for a toastie or grilled cheese if you are American or the much loved Hill Street Hatch that is proving a hit with the locals.

Bunsen Burger

‘Straight up burgers’, often referred to as the best burgers in Europe by the tourists that pass through and also a huge favourite among the locals. The is a related environment, with a menu, so simplistic you don’t even think it is a menu, the options are burger or cheeseburger, or double burger, sweet potato fries or friends, and of course a beer or soft drink. They do it so well, they don’t need anything else.

Hill Street Hatch 

This is becoming a trend in Belfast, the Hill Street Hatch is something that I can’t really give you a heads up on, it’s Belfast’s wildcard, they showcase different concepts and see what happens, with absolutely unbelievable treats, meals and all different types of cuisine popping into the Hatch, be sure to walk past and see what’s going on with them. A wee bar crawl should certainly be on the cards after a big feed like that, if it is then you’ve come to the right city.

Bittles Bar 

Unique 1860, if you love history, get yourself here, that or if you are on the lookout for what is known around town as ‘The Best Guinness in Belfast’, welcoming, a step back in time and the strangest shaped pub that you ever did see. Browse Belfast Self Catering Options

McHughes Bar

The oldest building in the city was built in 1700, of which only a wall remains, the perfect last pub stop. Belfast has many architectural gems, one of them being the original Belfast Town Hall that was built in 1871 Belfast gained its City status in 1888 and in 1906 The City Hall as it stands today was erected, definitely something that you need to see while you are here. If you are continuing on your afternoon and right into the evening, then there are many cocktail stops to make, but a favourite in Belfast would have to be Berts Jazz Bar. While there are many places in Belfast to eat, if you are looking for something local and small and also casual, then John Long’s Is absolutely perfect for a local feel..

History of Belfast

Soldiers, vans, barracks, the iconic Springfield Road, the ring of steel for checkpoints to get into the city, there are alot of memories. Belfast is now a very different place than it was in the troubles.  A city that can match a lot of Europe, up and coming, to go from a war zone 20 years ago to now is incredible. 7th safest city in Europe Another pub that you could visit on your history tour of the city is The Jailhouse & Henry’s. Henry Joy McCracken – 1798 Rebellion he was hung on a plot of land just around the corner that his father had actually gifted to the council. The jailhouse was of course a jailhouse, the one where he was held before his infamous hanging. Joys henry is where it is housed. The Morning Star – was the Coach House that drivers would pull up to on their long trips located in Pottinger’s Entry.

What Makes Belfast Different 

Belfast is eclectic, old and new, a strange, but delightful mix of the Victorian & Georgian Era’s, filtered with Art Deco and Modern architecture.   Browse Self Catering Accommodation Belfast

The People In Belfast Are Second To None

A funny city of gallows & dark humour, brought some of the great working class legends to the scene, such as George Best and Carl Frampton.  Carl Frampton is a current celebrity that represents all of the community, with no ‘sides’ between protestant and catholic represented, he is an iconic figure that is bringing the communities back together Overall welcoming and really making its way towards Cosmopolitan vibes.

Favourite Places In Belfast

The rooftops, green, loads of copper, waterfront hall has a roof that will go that colour too eventually, built with the architecture of the city in mind, creating an aesthetic overview of the city. River Farset runs through the middle of the city, the roads are built over it, much of the reason that the Albert Clock which is positioned on it is leaning to one side and will eventually topple over – so the locals think. There are so many things that you can do and see in Belfast, this is just an example of a day, get in touch for another day out in Belfast, the combinations really are endless regardless of your reason for visiting.

Where To Stay In Belfast

Come and experience Belfast like a local, stay in our Central Belfast Apartments, your home away from hope and be welcomed to Belfast with some local favourite snacks and a bottle of wine.