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Cool Places To Eat In Belfast On A Budget

Apr 27, 2021

Cool Places To Eat In Belfast On A Budget

Disclaimer; Top Buttons On Jeans Not Recommended In Belfast


Belfast, as I have said before is somewhat of a foodie heaven. Farm to table and table to mouth, Northern Ireland is renowned for its fresh food which is thanks to its local sourcing and there really are surprises at every turn.


Gorging yourself in the local spots around Belfast is hard to resist. Whether you are looking for a delicious bite on the go or a casual dining experience, these are some of the best places to eat in Belfast on a budget. Even if you’re not on a budget, it doesn’t change that they are mouth wateringly YUM! Our diverse city has a lot to offer up to you on a plate.




Belfast’s Mexican food scene boomed  in 2007, all thanks to a man and his wife from Philadelphia bringing us our now cherished Boojum, it is so popular that there is a t-shirt ‘boojum addict’ loyalty scheme that runs, with the committed addicts boasting 10 t-shirts (You have to buy 40 to get a t-shirt), so you know they are good.

This healthy Mexican fast food, in a convenient bowl or wrap, is made at impressive speed, but I can confirm to you that it is nothing short of delicious, the speed does not comprise the quality. While Boojum shows no sign of slowing after all these years, there is a new kid on the block, well 2018 new and proving wildly popular with locals and tourists alike.



I’ll let you see this video and you can try and stop yourself from heading down there right now, but from this video, it is not hard to see why they are having such success, it looks unbelievable.



Started by Michelin trained Belfast born and bred chef Gary Quinn, you will find this little gem right beside the Big Fish in the city centre. Mexican street food has never tasted so good. Spicy, soft, taco wrapped deliciousness. 


Tribal Burger

Some days, nothing can beat a burger. Tribal burger comes from humble food truck beginnings and now operates from a funky graffiti inspired space in two of Belfast’s busiest areas. If you are looking for a patty slapped into a bun that will have no lasting impact on your life, then jog on.

If you are looking for perfectly crafted, locally sourced, fresh ingredients, perfectly placed into a freshly toasted vegan friendly bun, then you’d be in the right place. Tribal burgers are different, the founders looking at and appreciating the complex anatomy of the burger, they go above and beyond to make sure that the burger is mind blowing, life changing and I can honestly say that a tear nearly comes to my eye thinking about their spicy ketchup sauce. I had my last burger from here a couple of weeks ago and I have thought about it everyday since. 

Not only that, but my time for a burger would be primarily a hangover day and Tribal burger knows the drill, their ‘handshakes’ are the perfect hair of the dog. You will leave here happy, I promise.



‘A wee Chippie’ – A common phrase to hear in Belfast. Battered sausages, a pastie supper, crusty bread and curry sauce, or bring your own mars bar along to get it deep fried. Long’s fish and chips deliver in every sense of the world. Fresh, delicious and cheap as chips for the positions. 

Perfect for heading to the park for an outdoor lunch or if you’ve experienced a night out in Belfast, Netflix and a Long’s delivered to your home from home is very achievable. 

“Long’s chippie is what Belfast is all about”

— Belfast Telegraph



Northern Ireland has a slang of it’s very own, one of those words is Melter. A Melter; A person so annoying it makes you feel like your brain is starting to melt.

Well let me tell you that there is nothing annoying about this Melter. Except maybe finishing it and being annoyed that the obscenely delicious, stringy cheese filled, sauce covered toastie of your dreams is all gone. 

The guys behind Melter have an unrivalled passion for grilled cheese, home pickled chillies and spicy gherkins. If you are passing by then you NEED this in your life. You can go ahead and thank me in advance.


The Toast Office 

Cheese, cheese, more cheese please. Looks like Belfast has a bit of a cheese obsession going on here, with another delicious grilled cheese obsessed local business popping up. The Toast Office is helping to keep this city happy, with an increased demand for extra cheesy sandwiches as of late, they are now a permanent fixture in the cathedral quarter and absolutely adored by locals. 


It is certainly safe to say after writing this that I am starving, even though I have just had my lunch. I write about the food scene and today I actually reconfirmed to myself just how YUM Belfast is.

I will be doing a weekend sweep of little bits from each of those listed here today. My own little food tour of the City. You should too, your welcome!